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Our programs

I Finance Program

"This program enables the children, aged between 5-14 years, to learn about saving and entrepreneurship, and engages the teachers, parents, and the children themselves in games, as well as saving activities. The project has seen parents signing up and starting to save UGX. 10,000 for children, while children have also acquired saving boxes. Further, the project has produced a tool kit, Coin Dream, which has a story lien for financial literacy, and guides for parents and children on financial literacy and entrepreneurship. The project has also seen the children produce tie and die projects for sale. "

I Migrant Program

"This program focuses on building resilience and tolerance within the migrant communities, which is comprised mainly of rwandanese,burundians and Somalis, as well as fostering conflict resolution, and individual healing programs through therapy of sports and work.

The program activities include bead therapy, entrepreneurship training, and conflict resolution sessions.

The project has achieved a reach of 200 youth and children immigrants trained in our program.

I Leadership Program

"This program focuses on school children, aged between 5-14 years, and targets training on three areas namely: legacy, leadership, and etiquette.

This program is in line with national constitutional requirement for leaders to have integrity, as well as international initiatives, such as President Obama’s Mandella Initiative, which seeks to develop leadership amongst young Africans. The program promotes I-Profiles Mission of developing full character leaders.

So far, the program has reached a total of 26 students at Jack and Jill Academy, and involved 3 teachers, and over 10 parents. The impact has been seen in responses from parents mentioning the improved responsibility of students. Further, through tools like the Personalite, a booklet for learning, with story lines, the project ensures sustainability of results and effectiveness of outcomes.

The project is also sustainable based on the volunteer model, with over 7 volunteers currently in the project.