I Profile foundation


I-Profile is a foundation, registered as a company limited by guarantee in Uganda, registration number, XXXX, and currently with offices at Tirupati Mazima Mall, Kabalagala, with the main objective of creating a new generation of African Leaders, by focusing on the children, and offering them experiential training in leadership skills and financial literacy, while also contributing to integration of migrants in the refugee communities

I Profile Foundation seeks to run long term annual projects with primary schools and refugee youth and children, to promote integration and conflict skills, leadership, and financial literacy. Through the Immigrant Chapter, has partnered with InterAid, the urban refugee support program of United Nations Refugee Agency, to contribute. We have learnt that when refugee youth are playing, or beading, they seem to forget their hardships. We use bead therapy, sports therapy, and business skills training, to promote healing, and integration of refugees as productive members of Uganda’s society. Further, through the I-Leadership and I-Finance program, we will promote financial literacy, enterprise development, as well as transformational leadership skills development which encompasses etiquette training, legacy, and character traits.

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Our Team

The team, led jointly by Aisha Ali and Barbra Uwera, the co-founders, and Joint Executive Directors, is comprised of young, passionate, talented, and focussed individuals who are well trained, inspired, passionate, and professionally equipped to build the organization to be sustainable, to support the community, and maintain progressive relationships with partners, stakeholders, and community leaders. Further, we have a team of committed and dedicated volunteers working with us as program officers, who have all undergone training as coaches, and trainers of financial literacy, leadership, enterprise development, conflict training, and integration, as well as etiquette training. Without prejudice to the foreign, the team is still undergoing continuous training and improvement.

Aisha Ali

Joint Executive director

Phone: +256 705-977-217
Email: aisha@iprofilefoundation.org

Uwera Barbra

Joint Executive director

Phone: +256 784 207-567
Email: uwera@iprofilefoundaion.org

Gilbert Bwete


Phone: +256 775-961-079
Email: gilbert@iprofilefoundaion.org

Ojijo Pascal

Legal Advisor

Phone: +256 776-100-059
Email: ojijo@gobighub.com

Ahabwe Peter


Phone: +256 794-441-998
Email: peter@iprofilefoundaion.org

Vincent Nsereko

Head of programs

Phone: +256 702-232-651
Email: vincent@iprofilefoundaion.org


You can become our partner, and join us in the journey to building personalities in refugee communities, and primary schools, training the children on financial literacy, leadership skills, and conflict resolution skills.
You can choose to work with us as a:

  • 1.
    Be A Volunteer

    You can be a trained volunteer, working with us as a coach in our programs, or helping the trained volunteers to coach and mentor the children. All our volunteers are trained in the following areas:

    1. 1.Leadership Skills Coaching
    2. 2.Financial Literacy Training
    3. 3.Conflict Resolution & Community Integration
    4. 4.Presentation Skills (Public Speaking, Report Writing, and Social Media Advocacy Skills)
  • 2.
    Be An Associate Member

    You can choose to support, and sponsor our programs, by doing any of the following:

    1. 1.Contribute financially towards our programs, as well as administrative budget.
    2. 2.Buy products to be distributed to the children. These include t-shirts, saving boxes, and materials for enterprise development, including tie and die materials, beads, etc.
    3. 3.Offer your expertise to mentor and coach our team of volunteers and trainers.